Sunday, September 24, 2006

two teams down

I suppose by now it's a little late to post about the first episode of the new season of The Amazing Race, but it is interesting that the first two teams eliminated were the Muslim team and the Indian team.

Not that I think the Race is an inherently racist show (The Black Family notwithstanding) because I believe that the producers set up the challenges and let the race unfold as it will...and we have had several teams of color win the race in the past, and that's remarkable considering that most seasons have one (1) team of color. This tenth season is the most diverse: Muslim Team, Indian, Asian Heritage, Gay, and Black. There's even a Coal Miner and his Wife.

The diversity is notable because it is not the norm. Or, it doesn't feel like the norm. The Race is typically white and it would almost be news if Season 11 had a token white team rather than token "minority" teams.

This season is good, though. A good amount of diversity, even though the first ep had cut out two of the diverse teams.

Episode 2 airs tonight.

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