Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dead Like Me: Season 1

I finished the first season of Dead Like Me last night. Every Tuesday night the Sci-Fi Channel has been running the show from the pilot episode and this is My New Favorite Show (tm), which explains why Dead Like Me was cancelled after only two seasons and I didn't discover it until this was re-broadcast on cable.

Dead Like Me is about about an eighteen year old girl who on her first day of work after dropping out of college is killed by a falling toilet seat from the space station. Rather than moving on, George Lass (Ellen Muth) is tapped to be a Reaper. Reapers prepare the souls of those about to die so that they will be able to move on. They do not actually kill, but they know that someone is going to die and must touch the person before death so that the soul is prepared to move on. On this show, most people die in rather creative ways. Dead Like Me is less about Reaping than it is about George coping with her life after death as well as the characters of the other Reapers, with segments on her surviving family.

Watching this show on the Sci-Fi Channel has a draw back in that it is edited from the original Showtime broadcast in terms of language and possibly content. Even so, this is an outstanding show and I look forward to my two new episodes each Tuesday. Unfortunately I only have 14 more episodes before I finish the show's run.

Firefly Watch: On the Season 1 Finale Jewel Staite (Kaylee) had a guest starring role as a goth girl in a record store. I didn't realize it was her until the credits. When I went back to make sure it was easier to tell that it was, in fact, Jewel Staite, but it wasn't something I was able to catch the first time through.

In other news Harold Perrinau (Michael from Lost or Mercutio from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet) also had a guest role that same episode as a yoga instructor.

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Anonymous said...

I loved loved loved 'Dead Like Me.' I caught it all on dvd. I definitely found the sci-fi reruns lacking because of the editing. Its pretty much language that is edited. Just seemed like a lot of things were lost along the way. But I only watched about an episode and an half on sci-fi.

It was such a snarky and darkly-fun show. And I liked it... it was doomed from the minute I watched the first season dvds...