Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jericho - 1:1

This is an interesting concept: a small town in middle America is going about its business until all their televisions and radios become fuzzy and they look outside to see a mushroom cloud in the distance. What happened? What is this? Why is their a nuclear explosion in America? Have we been attacked or was it a test or an accident? This shouldn’t happen. There is fear, panic, reassurance, questioning and probably everything that might really happen if we woke up one day and saw a mushroom cloud in the distance and didn't know why: That is Jericho.

I heard a radio interview with Skeet Ulrich, the star of the show, and he said that the show is ultimately about hope because the show couldn't be made or stay on the air if it were too much of a downer. I just hope Jericho can walk that fine line because the darkness is where this sort of a show can get really interesting. The residents react much like I think most people would react. Some are calm and others are very much not so. Tensions are high and nobody knows anything. There is a brief answer to what the situation outside the town of Jericho is like, but that is better left to be discovered and I hope the show goes deeper into what all is really going on.

The pilot episode was fairly good as I waited to see the nuclear explosion in the distance so we could get into the meat of the show. The meat of the first episode is well cooked (not well done, which would be too chewy and overcooked) and I'm hoping the rest of the show holds up.

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Amanda said...

I felt the same way basically. It was interesting, and I am looking forward to seeing where it goes and how they flesh it out.