Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Movies I Anticipate: January - August 2005

Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Bubble (1/27 limited): Steven Soderbergh's smaller movies may be something of a mess, but so far the man's name on a movie is still enough to pique my interest.

Final Destination 3 (2/10): Okay, so even if I was going to the theatre on a regular basis there would be no way I'd pay money to see this. But this is definite rental as I was highly entertained by the first two Final Destination movies. There is no question that these are dumb movies. But...they're fun....for me.

Firewall (2/10): Harrison Ford is back in some sort of a thriller where he is a securities specialist but has to rob his own bank to pay the ransom for his kidnapped family. But I dig that Virginia Madsen is getting roles in real movies (hopefully in real good movies) after "Sideways", and Paul Bettany has been entertaining me recently. Theatre? Probably not. Rental? Most definitely.

Date Movie (2/17): Why are the only movies that look like they may entertain me also movies that are very likely to be incredibly stupid? Maybe I should drop "Bubble" from this list for having the potential to be too highbrow. Anyway, this is a movie styled like the "Scary Movie" franchise only it spoof romantic comedies and stars Willow....er, I mean Alyson Hannigan. Sorry. Oh, and Eddie Griffin plays her father. Now that I like!

Tsotsi (2/24 limited): Finally, a movie that might actually be good! The IMDB lists the plot as "six days in the violent life of a Johannesburg gang leader" and the film is drawing comparisons to "City of God", which is a good thing.

Ask the Dust (3/10 limited): Had I even heard of this movie before deciding to look up the forthcoming movies? Absolutely not. Why am I listing it? Because it was written and directed by Robert Towne and I'm hoping he can do something like "Chinatown" again. That's all.

V for Vendetta (3/17): Starring Natalie Portman and based on a graphic novel from Alan Moore this is the first movie of the year that I am truly willing to pay to see in the theatre. A freedom fighter named V (Hugo Weaving) fights against a totalitarian society using terrorist methods. He recruits Portman as an ally.

Thank You for Smoking (3/17 limited): I've heard good buzz about the movie and it is directed by the son of Ivan Reitman. That's about all I know. Stars Aaron Eckhart and Maria Bello.

Inside Man (3/24): Directed by Spike Lee. Stars Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, and Jodie Foster. Does it really matter what the movie is actually about?

Lucky You (4/7): Directed by Curtis Hanson. Something to do with gambling, Eric Bana, and Drew Barrymore. But check out the first sentence. That's enough to go see the movie.

Scary Movie 4 (4/14): I have no class.

Art School Confidential (4/28 limited): Terry Zwigoff (Bad Santa) did such a good job with Ghost World that I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. The source material here is another comic by Daniel Clowes.

The Da Vinci Code (5/19): The book has been getting severely bashed after apparently trying to outsell the Bible as well as discredit it...and for sucking. At least that's what others think. I actually liked the book. It was fun to play with the conspiracy and the clues and be taken on a ride. Tom Hanks stars and Ron Howard directs. Audrey Tautou gets a supporting role. Here's hoping.

X-Men 3 (5/26): I'm strangely less excited about this one than I used to be...but that's because director and Overlord Bryan Singer jumped ship to do the new Superman movie. Who stepped in? Brett Ratner (Rush Hour). Well, at least it isn't McG. Don't screw it up, Brett.

Cars (6/9). Pixar.

Superman Returns (6/30): I'll be straight up honest here (like I lie the rest of the time). I don't care a whit for Superman. Doesn't do much for me. Never read the Superman comics, don't watch Smallville, watched a little Lois and Clark back in the day. Dean Cain ain't in this one, is he? So why is it on my list? Because the director and Overlord Bryan Singer left X-Men to do this. It better be good or I'll really be pissed he left X-Men for this.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (7/7): The first one was surprisingly good and fun. Why not this one?

Lady in the Water (7/21): M Night Shyamalan is about to run out of chances after "The Village", but he'll get another one. Stars Paul Giamatti and Bryce Dallas Howard, so....here's hoping it doesn't suck.

The Visiting (8/11): Nicole Kidman learns of an alien epidemic and that her son may play a roll in stopping it. Directed by a guy who made a really good German movie a couple years back about Hitler (Downfall), this seems to be right up my alley.

Snakes on a Plane (8/18): You thought we'd be getting by without this movie on the list. I don't care what it is about (actually, the title kind of gives it away), Sam Jackson in a movie with this title? I'm there!

And that covers the movies from today through August. Did I miss something? Sure. Will some movies get pushed back? Sure. Will I see all of these in the theatre? Doubt it. Will the limited release movies get released in a theatre near me? Doubt it. Do I just enjoy making lists and asking questions? Yep.


RobB said...

OUt of those movies, the one I need to see is Superman, followed by X3. As for Shyamalan, I'm done with him.

I've tagged you with a meme, check out my blog


Jerry Steele said...

I saw V for Vendetta tonight. Terrible, terrible movie. Not interesting, poor dialog. Zzzz

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