Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jennifer Knapp's website back online

After years of hiatus is back online! For me this is exciting news as it accompanies the release of a live album titled...well...Live.

The website is nothing like her old website which was more devoted to her and her work than a single album. But when Knapp left her management company (which she co-founded) Alabaster Arts her website died a slow death. Her message board had alreaday been transfered over to Alabaster Arts and then was pulled (and all of the Alabaster boards were later pulled). This killed a pretty decent community of fans and Christians and while the board has resurfaced on a fan site it wasn't the same.

Knapp has pretty much disappeared herself after touring in support of The Way I Am. She may have been burned out from touring and recording and the expectations of a musical artist, let alone a "Christian" artist. So she was out of the music scene and nobody has really heard from her since. I'm sure family and friends have, but finding info online has been rather difficult. Rumors abound, not all of them pleasant.

Still, any release of Knapp's work, even if it isn't new material, is a good thing. Now I just have to scrounge up the money for this as well as her last album "The Collection" which was stolen out of my car a few years ago.

I hope she comes back as she is my favorite musician and her music has actually impacted my life. No other artist can I say that about.

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Anonymous said...

I was having a missing Jennifer Knapp moment and was hoping somehow to find that she had come back. I love her work and I am very sad that she is no longer in the public eye. She will always be my favorite singer. God be with her.