Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mal Reynolds is back and other television goodies

I was home from work on Tuesday so instead of doing a lot of reading like I had expected to do, I ended up watching seven or eight episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now I only have 2.5 episodes to go until I finish Season 7 and the series. Kind of sad. I really like what Joss Whedon is doing with the potential Slayers, though I wonder how it can get wrapped up in 2 episodes (three, I suppose, if I count the one I had to stop this morning so I can earn money to pay rent). The odd thing is that before really started going through the seasons I had seen a few episodes from this season, so I had seen the Scoobie/Potential mutiny, knew about Xander's eye, and know that Angel pops up near the end and there is some sort of Champion. But I hadn't finished it all and I knew little about who Caleb was. Captain Mal Reynolds from Firefly is back and is apparently whupping up Sunnydale in general and Buffy in particular. Mal Reynolds is, of course, the actor Nathan Fillion who got the role of Caleb after Firefly was cancelled. Interesting character this preacher man. Would love to find out why he has this super strength. Right up there with Willow and the Gnarl is Caleb and Xander. That was a bit queasy.

I don't suppose Jewel Staite got a guest shot on Buffy in the last two episodes? Adam Baldwin? Summer Glau?

Before that scene, though, an episode or two prior, Xander had a great episode ending scene with Dawn after Dawn had accepted that she isn't a Potential and Xander was telling her that Buffy and the others would never know what it is like to be on the outside to not have the strength and that Xander gets to see what nobody else does because nobody is watching him. Great scene. Of course, then the "one who sees everything" gets some serious trauma, but that's the way of it.

In other news, Alias, 24, and Angel are finally catching up to me. Alias has begun Season 3 on TNT so I've begun that season, A&E is airing Season 2 of 24, and TNT is getting to Season 3 of I'll get the chance to catch up on these shows, too. It's about time because while the library has a lot of movies, they are light on TV on DVD. I've seen one episode each of Alias and 24 and these are going to be great seasons. 24 especially. Wow!

Now if I didn't lose Bravo when we switched to the Dish Network, I'd be able to get the West Wing.

Next week is when Lost finally returns, My Name is Earl begins again tonight, Commander in Chief is next week and this Friday is the debut of The Book of Daniel. Not sure about this one, but it has potential (as do many shows). There is a wise cracking Jesus, and that's all I know. The Sci-Fi Channel has some show coming either in the next two months or in the Summer that looked interesting from the preview but I don't remember what it is. As long as it is better than The Triangle, we'll be okay. That one kind of sucked and stuff.

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