Thursday, October 20, 2005

Firefly, Top Model, My Name is Earl

Thursday, October 20, 2005
Finished the Firefly ep "Our Mrs Reynolds". It is really interesting how the started with that girl claiming to be Mal's new wife after a primitive ceremony. That girl seemed so innocent, but firm in that she wants to be a good wife. But there was this edge to her and as the ep progressed she wasn't what she seemed. Is anyone? I finished off the second disc with "Jaynesville", an episode where the blustery Jayne happens to be the hero of this other world because he had to drop some money he stole as he was escaping and the townspeople thought he was helping them. Ha!

Another good episode of My Name is Earl. This time a friend of Earl just got out of prison and this is a guy that Earl had taught how to steal and now the friend is a klepto. Steals everything (remember the klepto from Can't Hardly Wait who randomly steals stuff? Kind of like that). But when he finds out that Earl won the lottery, he tries to steal that and kidnaps Randy. Meanwhile, Earl is trying to atone for making fun of people with accents by teaching English to foreigners who are new to this country. Good stuff.

I didn't expect Coryn (the Minnesota girl) to get booted from America's Next Top Model this week. Nik seemed a better choice. Lisa apparently is a complete drunk and lied to Tyra about it, but she had a very good photo shoot. The first practice interview she gave bombed, but her test interview was much better. The judges still like Kim's androgyny. We'll see how stuff plays out. My final 3 prediction is: Lisa, Kim, and Nicole. Jayla might sneak in there, though.


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