Friday, October 28, 2005


Friday, October 28, 2005
Watched my second episode of Commander in Chief last night. Episode 3: First Strike. Still hoping ep 2 gets rebroadcast soon so I can see it. I have to say, I'm loving this show. I didn't buy it at first with the pilot, but Geena Davis made a solid president in ep 3. She seemed sure, and thoughtful, made decisions with good logic and wasn't afraid to be tough. She had a heart, but stood up for herself and her family.

This show could work.


Amanda said...

Thought I'd leave you this message, after you told me the only way he could finish in 12 books was if 12 was 2000 pages long!!! WOOOO!!!!! =)

"As others have mentioned, RJ gave us the working title of book 12 (A Memory of Light) and threatened it could be a 2000 page monster.

He also said he would reveal Asmo's killer in book 12 if he could do it naturally, otherwise he will announce it when book 12 hits paperback.

RJ also mentioned the possibility of several 'outrigger' novels, a reversal on previous comments."

Joe Sherry said...

I'm excited for it. Hope it doesn't take too long, though.

I'm actually as interested in that new series he plans on writing after WOT.

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