Friday, October 14, 2005

Firefly, Earl, Knife

Friday, October 14, 2005
Last night, for the first time, I watched an episode of Firefly. I don't know what took so long. It is a show created by my television Overlord Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel), so what took so long? Probably whatever took so long for Angel, the show's concept didn't sell me right away and I was late catching on to Buffy. They were just starting season 6 of Buffy when I starting buying the DVDs.

Anyway, I love the feel of Firefly. It's a western set 500 years in the future. So there is that outlaw feel and our leads are outlaws, and there is the whole untamed west (space) and it just works. The characters have heart, the dialogue is excellent and I have no idea how this show didn't last a full season. Oh, yeah, the execs didn't advertise the show well and didn't support it.

The first episode was called "Serenity", which is the name of the ship and just happens to be the title of the Firefly movie which just came out. Hopefully it is still in theatres when I finish the series.

I caught the 10/4 episode of My Name is Earl last night as well. Man, I'm behind on my tv. In this one Earl decides that he has to fix the wrong he did by fixing a high school football game and also denying his brother a chance for a touchdown. His ex-wife is still trying to get his lottery money. You know, this show is really growing on me. I like the combination of Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee. Nothing as classic as the previous ep's scene of Darnell admitting to Earl that he is bringing poisoned cookies from the ex, but still a good show. But...what exactly is the relationship of the Mexican maid to Earl and his brother?

More Wheel of Time goodness here: When Mat first met this man named Noal Charin I wondered who this old guy could be. The man was missing some memories and had been messed with by the Shadow, but I didn't see the importance. Noal Charin is actually Jain Charin. Jain Charin is (and this part is fact) Jain Farstrider, the guy who wrote Rand's favorite book "The Travels of of Jain Farstrider". The book and the author were mentioned so much early on in the series and why throw a Charin in and not have it be Jain? That doesn't make sense. And everything seemed to click, including Noal's age, his memory loss stemming from the Shadow, and how he seemed to be more than he is.

Well, Robert Jordan pretty much handed me the answer in Knife of Dreams and proved me theory.

"Are you any relation to Jain Charin, Noal?" (asked by Mat)...

The old man's face went still as stone, and Mat had torn off a piece of bread and eaten that as well before Noal answered. "A cousin," he said at last, grudgingly. "He was my cousin."

"You're related to Jain Farstrider?" Olver said excitedly....

"Who is this man with two names?" Tuon asked. "Only great men are spoken of so, and you speak as if everyone should know him"

Noal then proceeds to call Jain a fool for abandoning his wife to die alone in her bed while he was off traveling. Olver protesting, saying some of the good Jain did and Noal admitted that Jain did do some good, but that what sort of man leaves his wife like that and Noal sounded very sad when he said it.

This was a great scene and conversation and all but straight out says that Noal and Jain are the same person. I've been sure of it for several books and I have no doubt it'll be revealed for sure later. I wonder what Rand would think...


WendyD said...

Joe, just skip the rest of 'Firefly' and get to the theaters to see 'Serenity' NOW (insert Seinfeld joke here). We need the box office to be decent so Joss can make a sequel. You're going to love it... the movie and the rest of the series...

I love 'Serenity' like I've loved very few movies ever.

Joe Sherry said...

Would I miss anything or not understand some stuff or would the film be lessened having only seen one episode so far? (might finish the first disc by sunday).

Earl said...

I was going to post a message on, but it looks as though you have chosen a new host. I spent much of the morning catching up on the last couple of years (a bit more online reading than I like to do on a Saturday, but important just the same). Congrats on your marriage, by the way. I'm not really sure if you want to keep in touch, but an old friend is trying to make amends. Shoot me an e-mail if you feel like it (

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