Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Raymond Feist Riftwar News

On there are two postings on Raymond Feist news. Both responses are from Feist himself about the future of his Riftwar Series.

I'll start with the second post:

September 7, 2004

In response to the question on the feistfans-l

I was wondering whether there are any plans to release the Legends of the Riftwar series in the US?

Ray posted the following

Yes there are plans. I can't give full details yet, but there will be US editions of those three titles in the not-too-distant future.

Best, R.E.F.

This is fantastic news. I've had his Legends of the Riftwar trilogy on my list for a couple of years now, but these books have only had foreign releases. It is set earlier in the Riftwar and doesn't really advance the overall storyline, but it kills me that there are books of his that we're not getting. His Krondor series wasn't that good but he's hit a gold mine again with The Conclave of Shadows.

The second quote i have has to do with the future of the series and what will be coming after Conclave is finished. This is exciting news for the series since A Darkness at Sethanon is my favorite of the bunch (well, that and Magician

August 1, 2004
Ray posted the following to the feistfans-l

Currently I'm working on Agent of Madness (working title, almost certain to change), book one in the Darkwar Saga. To be followed by Into A Dark Realm, and Wrath of a Mad God.

These are going to be larger, more sprawling books, akin to Sethanon and Rage, as opposed to the more recent, more personal stories.

For a longtime fan of Raymond Feist and his Riftwar series, this is great news!

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