Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Hollywood Elsewhere

One of my favorite columns about movies is written by Jeffrey Wells: Hollywood Elsewhere. For movie news, previews, some reviews and entertaining journalism about film, check out Wells. I've followed him from (which used to be a good place to buy movies and read articles on movies, to Movie Poop Shoot (the name came from Dogma) to his own site and it's probably my favorite column that i read.

Wells included a page which features Hollywood folk praising his work, which is no different than the blurbs you see on novels, but the list of supporters includes directors Philip Noyce, Cameron Crowe, Kevin Smith, Sydney Pollack and the Big Man at Miramax: Harvey Weinstein.

Now that Wells has his own site he is expanding and adding more content (and writers) to his site, so there should be more to read in the coming weeks. He gave a column to his 16 year old son, and Jett Wells has an interesting perspective.

Give the column a shot.

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