Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The Missing Chums: A Review

Wednesday, June 23, 2004
This review is of the 1962 Revised Version of “The Missing Chums”. The first 38 titles in the series were revised over the course of 15 years (some with minor changes, others were completely re-written). “The Missing Chums” is the fourth Hardy Boys mystery.

The brothers are asked by Police Chief Collig to investigate the fighting that has been going on in the Shantytown neighborhood in Bayport. When Frank and Joe are on their way to a party thrown by Callie Shaw, they learn of a bank robbery and chase the crooks. This gets them involved into not only the Shantytown fights, but also into investigating the bank robbery as best they can. After the party, the brothers learn that two of their friends, Chet Morton and Biff Hooper, were abducted on the way home. Another mystery! Frank and Joe frantically look for clues so they can find their friends (not to mention the other mysteries).

This is another solid offering in the Hardy Boys Mystery Series. It is my understanding that the revised edition has been dramatically altered from the original, though it shares the abduction of Chet and Biff. This is not one of my favorite stories of the series, but like the rest, it is an interesting story and works several different storylines together (my favorites are the ones that can stick with one plotline for the entire book). “The Missing Chums” is recommended, like the other books in the series, for children of all ages.


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