Friday, June 18, 2004

The Hardy Boys

Friday, June 18, 2004
Recently i have begun re-reading The Hardy Boys books. Do you remember The Hardy Boys? It is a mystery series that was started in 1927 featuring two brothers, Frank and Joe Hardy, who solve mysteries. Their father, Fenton Hardy, is a famous detective and the brothers are chips off of the old block. The series began with The Tower Treasure and continues on to this day. Book 185, Wreck and Roll has recently been published.

When i was a kid, i wanted to be one of the Hardys. I wanted to live an exciting life like Frank and Joe, to solve crimes and be popular like they were. I grew out of that, but i loved those books when i was younger.

These are good wholesome stories (though the Casefiles later target a slightly older audience). I have currently read the first three (out of 185) books in the main series (the Casefiles are an offshoot that seems to either run parallel to the main series, or happens several years later), and i plan on working through the whole series. This assumes, of course, that my interest holds up. The next one that i'm planning on reading is book 4, The Missing Chums.


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