Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Glorious Appearing: Part II

Tuesday, June 22, 2004
I finished Glorious Appearing. I don't know. It was fine.

I had said that i was impatient for the return of Jesus in the book, which happens about halfway through it. The rest of the book is Jesus whupping a$$ and taking names. Seriously. He takes his time taking care of Carpathia's forces and slowly, slowly works his way to actually dealing with Carpathia (the Anti-Christ). As amazing as the event of the Second Coming of Christ is, I'm not sure there was really enough "stuff" there to give us an entire book worth of compelling story. After a bit, it got repetitive. The first half was so because of the time spent actually getting to the return, the second half took its time in dealing with the return.

I guess i wouldn't mind so much if this was actually the end of the series, but it is not. I didn't find the link i wanted, but Jenkins says several times that "more is to come". There will be a prequel and a sequel. Glorious Appearing does actually set up a sequel, i just don't like the idea of it. Nor the prequel.

I really did enjoy this series, despite the fact that i'm sounding negative right now. But twelve books is a big time investment, and i guess i just expected more from this last book...or something different and it is my own expectations that is dragging me down...but i don't think the storytelling was there in this book as it was in the first 11.


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