Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stuff: 10/14 Edition

Genreville is looking for opinions on the best books of 2009. I thought I had done better at reading 2009 releases, but I have not. I feel behind.

John Scalzi's latest Big Idea is Cherie Priest on Boneshaker
. I will read this book, I must read this book. I love Cherie's work to begin with, and have been giddy with anticipation for a while now (a while being a year)

Colleen Lindsay points out a positive Kirkus review of Alan DeNiro's forthcoming debut novel Total Oblivion, More or Less. Another book I expect to get my grubby little hands on.

Louise Erdrich was interviewed on Minnesota Public Radio a couple of weeks ago. Okay, I haven't listened to this one yet, but I discovered the link a couple of days ago. "Twenty five years ago, Louise Erdrich's novel "Love Medicine" was published and soon became a bestseller. It begins with the snowy death of June Kashpaw." That's part of the text below the audio button and it describes the scene which completely hooked me on Erdrich, though I think of the character as June Morrissey. The image of June walking out into the snow is utterly haunting and beautiful and I couldn't get enough. I really need to make time to listen to this.

"And Death Shall Have No Dominion", a poem by Dylan Thomas
. I think Elizabeth Bear pointed this out a few weeks ago. I don't read poetry very well, but I did like that.

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