Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Soul Plane

Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Is craptacular a word? 
Soul Plane is the story of a guy who won a hundred million dollars in a lawsuit against an airline because he got stuck in an airplane toilet and his dog got killed due to negligence.  He decides to open his own airline, called N.W.A..  The name comes from his own name, but it also has to do with the rap group, of course.  Did I mention this guy is black?  See, his blackness shouldn't be a storypoint so much except that his plane turns out to be a ghettolicious, pimped out purple ride with spinners on the wheels.  There is an excellent first class, and a fairly ghetto low-class where the louder ign'ant folks are with a black and white television and rabbit ears with aluminum foil to get reception.  Snoop Dogg is the captain, but he is more interested in getting high than being serious about flying the plane.  Let's reinforce stereotypes here. 
Tom Arnold is the head of a family named the Hunkeys (honkeys) and we first see them wearing hats with the logo for "Cracker Land" on it.  Naturally they are bumped off their flight and moved to N.W.A..  Hi-jinks are presumably suppose to ensue. 
Does any of this actually sound appealing?  Is there anything that accidently resembles a plot in this movie?
The answer, of course, is a whimpering "no" to both questions.  There are occasional funny moments where both my wife and I laughed, but then we went back to marvelling at how bad Soul Plane is.  Soul Plane is so bad...it is craptacular. 


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