Wednesday, April 05, 2006

a little of Bonds on Bonds

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Out of curiosity I decided to record the first episode of Bonds on Bonds, an ESPN reality series which will follow Barry Bonds throughout the 2006 season as he chases Babe Ruth, Henry Aaron, and the homerun record.  Now if you’ve paid any attention to baseball at all in the past year or so you know that there is a major steroids investigation going on and Barry Bonds is at the center of it.  This gets addressed during the show.  Bonds, of course, denies everything and the allegations continue.  But this show gives a glimpse inside the life of Bonds and one thing that the show does very well is that it humanizes Bonds.  He may be a real jerk in real life to other players and fans and the media, but he’s also a person and that means there will also be a more upbeat and friendly side. 


Watching Barry talk about his father is quite interesting.  Barry says that the reason he is the player he is today was because he always wanted to prove his father wrong, that he was better than his father said.  A complicated relationship. 


Is the show any good?  You know, it’s not bad.  I’m not sure if it’ll work over the course of a season, but as a one episode curiosity, I was intrigued.  But the point is to have the full chronicle. 


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