Thursday, February 16, 2006


Thursday, February 16, 2006
Almost!! We almost had it!! For just a moment I thought that Jack was holding Locke back long enough that the timer in the hatch would finally count down to zero and we'd find out what would happen! And it did hit zero and then alarm stopped and then the numbers started flipping again and up pops some red tiles with pictures...a penguin, a syringe, a rock? Something. It was creepy and it was ominous and I loved it. I wanted so badly to find out what happens when the button is not pushed every 108 minutes.

And then Locke finished entering the code and it reset to 108. We almost had it!

Sayid has to be one of my favorite characters with the best back story. Just seeing him as an Iraqi soldier and the change that his life went through when the Americans came during the first Gulf War...very interesting. And Naveen Andrews did a great job last night when he was speaking with the prisoner and screamed with emotion that the man would know the details if he buried the woman he loved. But the camera work with Sayid was interesting. Very often the camera was low looking up at Sayid, putting Sayid in a position of power. Just the angle set up how they were using Sayid here and what sort of man he was. Sayid had all the authority...

Until the very end when Jack pulls Sayid away and the prisoner looks out and the expression has changed from beaten and cowardly to...something else. I called it the "suspicious" look. Something more is going on.

As interesting is Sayid telling Charlie about what he did, why, and asking Charlie if he remembered what the Others have done to them. Is Sayid setting up his own faction?


RobB said...

Great observations, Joe. I thought Uncle rather Henry Gale is an Other and you are spot on about his final glance at Sayid.


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