Monday, February 13, 2006


Monday, February 13, 2006
When did Battlestar Galactica become a good show? I had no interest when the miniseries came out in 2003 and no interest during Season 1. I didn't give it a chance based on the name alone. BG did not really have a good reputation for being quality science fiction because of the series from the 70's. And despite the fact that this new series stars Mary McDonnell (Stands With a Fist from Dances With Wolves) and Edward James Olmos, I got nothing. Then, as the second season started I started to wonder if I should give it a try. A co-worker then told me he really liked the show and it's been getting good buzz from what I can see. So, I started recording some episodes. I've now seen episodes 8, 9, 10 and 11 from Season Two (Final Cut, Flight of the Phoenix, Pegasus, Resurrection Ship Part 1). I have no idea what happened before this.

I'm hooked. I love this show. How did this become so good, so compelling? Even given that there is a season and a half before this, there is enough background given as common knowledge that I don't feel terribly lost. But I want to see everything that came before. Hopefully the Sci-Fi Channel keeps this one for a while. I have Season 1 on hold at the library, and Season 2.0 (the first half of the season) is available there, too. Hopefully Sci-Fi will rerun the miniseries.

And this brings me to a show that I'm going to give a shot to. Dark Kingdom, another sci-fi show starting on Monday 2/27. Something fantasy, something new. It means that I'm going to need to skip RAW on Mondays to try this show (unless they do replays), but I'd like to get in from the start on the show.

I just hope it doesn't suck.


Anonymous said...

Dammit Joe, where's the Feast for Crows review? It's like you know you're keeping me on pins and needles here.

Otherwise I'm just gonna take the opportunity to give big thanks for recommending Steven Erikson. There isn't a lot of good epic fantasy out there for those of us in need of a break from our law studies. I'd skipped Gardens of the Moon a number of times because of that awful first page (the first page being the requisite for or for not picking up a book). I mean what the hell's a 'merlon'?! And this shit:

"The winds were contrary the day columns of smoke rose over the Mouse Quarter of Malaz City."

Vous comprends? Moi au contraire.

It took me five or six times to 'get' whatever it was Mr Erikson was TRYING to get across to me on that first page, but I finally did, and from there on it got a bit easier, if a bit slow, but somewhat interesting. And then it got more interesting..

I bought Gardens three weeks ago; I'm about to start on book five now and already fear withdrawal symptoms after I've read the sixth (March 1, so close yet so far). It's not as well-written as Martin, but the stories this guy is concocting in his shiny little head! My mind has been blown every 100 or so pages since book three, the current favorite, and one that yes does feature Broach, Bauchelin and Reese (great fun those three, have to get Blood Follows).

Anyway, some great characters, great humongous plots and blood-curdling brutality without pity have made this a favorite. If he continues to pick up like this, this series might end up as one of my top five fantasy series ever. Just spectacular stuff.

And Battlestar Galactica is great. Got about seven episodes waiting. Gotta finish Midnight Tides first.

Oh, in case you missed it, thought you'd be interested; your favorite author Ann Patchett's Bel Canto is getting the movie treatment by Bernardo Bertolucci.

Big thanks, keep up the blogging

- Nick

Wizz. said...


The new Battlestar kicks major booty! When did it start to get good? Whoa, whats you talkin about, its been good from the get go!


Anyways, glad to see that your enjoying it now.

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