Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Handful of Dust!

Shadow Unit: Episode Four is live: "A Handful of Dust", written by Will Shetterly.

For the record, Shetterly claims that the story is
4/5 by me, 1/5 by Emma Bull, with help from Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette, and Amanda Downum.
As one can expect with anything Shadow Unit, I'm excited. I've never read a single thing by Will Shetterly and what better place to start than with his debut Shadow Unit piece?

I never talked about "Dexterity", the Sarah Monette episode. Ya was good because it was Shadow Unit and because it had the characters I've come to appreciate (dare I say love?) over the first two episodes and the myriad of teasers, but it felt lacking in depth, like everything came too easy to the characters in "Dexterity". Emma Bull's story "Breathe" and Elizabeth Bear's "Knock on Coffins" were much, much stronger.

For me.

Tomorrow, I read "A Handful of Dust".

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