Friday, December 16, 2005

Willow and the Narl

The episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 7 titled "Same Time, Same Place" contained what is quite possibly the nastiest thing I've seen on one of my shows, and this includes the gruesomeness of "The X-Files". Willow was trapped by this demon called a Narl. The Narl was making these cuts on Willow's stomach (this part wasn't bad, we see this sort of stuff moderately often, a fair amount of flesh wounds on this show), but then we actually saw the Narl peel off two strips of flesh. My jaw dropped. Quite disgusting! It wasn't gorey or eye surgery, but that actually shocked me.


Anonymous said...

That was pretty wrong.

Though, for me, nothing will ever compare to the episode 'Home' on The X-Files for sheer level of disgusting and shocking.

Joe said...

I just looked that one up, Wendy, and saw quotes from the episode. You are absolutely right. That was a nasty uncomfortable one and that discomfort covered the entire episode. The Willow one was just the couple of moments. The X-Files was very good at being disturbing and disgusting overall on the non-mythology episodes.


Amanda said...

Gnarl is quite possibly my most frightening Buffy monster. I can't even stand to watch that part anymore! Ha! I have to fast forward! My second scariest Buffy baddie...probably the Gentlemen. They were creepy!

Sandy Martin said...

Uhhhhh I'll stick with Joey please and thank you.