Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Tuesday, February 08, 2005
TNT has been showing re-runs of the X-Files weekly. They've been airing starting on tuesday night at 11 pm through wednesday morning at 4 or 5 am, and then four more episodes in the wee hours of thursday morning. Typically about ten episodes a week. What is good about this is that the episodes have been airing in consecutive order. So, when I started recording them on the DVR starting with Season 4 I've been able to watch them in the original broadcast order and work my way through the storylines of the show.

I'm midway through Season 8 right now and have been fairly well immersed in the X-Files for a couple of months now. I have some 17 episodes currently recorded and needing to be watched, plus the episodes coming this week. After next week I should have all the episodes recorded and will be able to finally chip away at my recorded list. Until now it seems I've just been replacing the episodes I watch in a week with the new ones that come the next week. It's been a neverending cycle which has kept my DVR's memory at close to 90% capacity every week.

It'll be a little sad when this is all done because it is an excellent show, but it will give me the chance to get back to the shows I have coming from Netflix. I'm part of the way through the mini-series From the Earth to the Moon, plus i need to get back into Alias, 24, Angel, The Sopranos, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Shows that I want to start include Firefly, The West Wing, Six Feet Under, and Band of Brothers. I've got quite a bit I want to watch here.

Season 8 is an interesting season for the X-Files. Mulder(David Duchovney)is essentially out of the show and will barely make appearances for the rest of the run (as I understand it). Introducing John Doggett (Robert Patrick) as a new agent is growing on me and he's doing a great job, but his role has pretty well reversed the dynamic of the duo where Mulder was believing in everything supernatural (and often being right) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) needs the scientific proof. The roles are reversed and Scully is playing Mulder's role (she is uneasy in it, but has seen too much over seven years with Mulder) and Doggett doesn't believe. It works, but it isn't the same, and I know that we're going to get another agent, Reyes, at some point which probably means less Scully. Scully has always been the heart of the show and we've seen the mysteries and conspiracies from her eyes. That'll be a little strange. I'm mostly curious as to how this will all get wrapped up (well, that and if there really will be a second X-Files movie).


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