Monday, July 12, 2004

The 29 Day Jeopardy Champ!

Monday, July 12, 2004
Has anyone been watching Jeopardy lately? Ken Jennings is the 29 day champ. The man has been unstoppable. When i started watching this two or three weeks ago, i wondered when exactly it was that Jeopardy lifted the rule about only being able to win 5 days in a row. reports that it was last september.

I used to yell out the answers sitting on the couch while watching the show. Now, for politeness sake, i yell out the answers in my head and occasionally quietly speak an answer or two. Some days i think i could do well, but i'm sure i'd freeze if i actually made it on the show. Or, worse, i'd get the category of "Foods that begin with the letter Q".

I was watching last week, and there was a woman who was playing just like the fans at home. She forgot to buzz in several times and once tried to buzz in twice (after answering incorrectly). It was kind of sad, and Alex Trebek even called her on it and mentioned that she wasn't playing home. That could be a tough transition, because i know that while i'm on the couch i answer the clue, but not in the form of a question.


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