Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Do NOT go to

Seriously. I went to the site the other day to find about about the previous night's results. What i got instead were spoiled results for today's (or whichever day it was i went to the site) broadcasat. I found out that Phelps lost to Thorpe, that Natalie Coughlin won, and that the men's gymnastics team lost to Japan.

Now, i realize that there is a significant time difference between Athens and Minneapolis, but if NBC is pushing their prime time Olympic programming, shouldn't they not reveal the winners in bold headlines on their website? Maybe have a spoilers section, or something?

Had i gone to the website yesterday, i would have lostall the drama and interest in seeing the US beat the Australians in the 4X200 meter freestyle by a tenth of a second when Kellar is able to hold off Thorpe. That was an exciting race and was more so because i didn't know who would win...but i'm quite sure that had the result as their big headline.

Not going to the site, i was able to see the women's saber finals (and two semi-final matches) not knowing in Sada Jacobson would win (she got bronze) or if the other US woman would take the silver (she got Gold).

And this isn't even Track, when i'll get really obsessive.

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